Best Dog Treats For Training

The Easy Ways To Choose The Best Dog Treats For Training

It’s common knowledge that every pet owner has treats at their disposal to use while training their dog. The problem is, trying to find the right treats for the job. When I first started training my female beagle Marlie, there were certain treats she would beg for and others she would have avoided. This guide will help you to find the best dog treats for training that your pets won’t be able to resist.

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Best Dog Whistles For Training

Best Dog Whistle 2017: Top 5 Dog Whistles For Training

When communicating with your dog it’s important to have a tool that lets them know that it’s time to listen. When training my dog, I had difficulties getting her to listen, which is when I turned to the idea of dog whistle. Through my experience, I developed this guide of the top 5 best dog whistles to help you to choose the perfect tool for your needs.

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Teach A Dog To Smile

How To Teach A Dog To Smile Effortlessly – The Handy Guide

Bringing my puppy Marlie home was an incredibly exciting time in my life, especially when I started to think about all of the amazing tricks she could learn. After teaching her how to sit, lie down, and give me her paw I thought it would be great if I could learn how to teach my dog to smile. There are plenty tricks that I found during my research, but only a few worked with Marlie.

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Trim Puppy Nails

How To Cut Puppy Nails In 5 Easy And Hassle-free Steps

How to trim puppy’s nails or brush his coat? It is the important questions for all the new puppy owners. As you bring home a new cute member in the family, there is lot of excitement, thrill and happiness. So, people often forget about some of the seemingly small, maintenance issues that are associated with the adorable and cute bundle of joy and energy.

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Why My Dog Lick My Feet

What Does It Mean When A Dog Licks Your Feet

We all love it when our dogs show us affection, but sometimes the way they show us is not what we desire. Excessive licking can be a problem – especially if your dog has developed a fondness for licking your feet. It can be uncomfortable – and ticklish – but have you ever wondered why your dog is so drawn to your feet? The answer might surprise you!

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Why my Dog Wont't Drink Water

4 Reasons Why My Dog Won’t Drink Water

When we think about dogs, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? It’s probably that they need to drink a lot of water. It is important for your dog to stay hydrated because water helps to move nutrients into and out of the cells of the body. It is also essential for cooling them down so they can maintain a regular body temperature, as they do not have sweat glands like humans.

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How to Teach a Dog To Lie Down

How I Teach My Dog To Lie Down And How You Can Too

Are you the proud parent of a new pet? Or maybe you’re in the process of teaching an old dog a new trick?

When I first adopted my two Beagles the first thing on my mind was the excitement of being able to teach them many different tricks! Learning how to teach a dog to lie down is the first step to building a great bond and friendship between yourself and your new family member. It’s also the perfect foundation for establishing a code of obedience between you and your pet.

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Teach A Dog To Give Paw

How To Teach A Dog To Give Paw

Tricks are a fun way to show off how smart your dog is, but they aren’t always easily taught. Indeed, it can be difficult to train your dog to shake paws, but here at HelloCutePup, we’ve come up with some tricks of our own to help you overcome this obstacle!

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