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teach a dog to speak

Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Teach A Dog To Speak

When I talk about how to teach a dog to speak, I don’t mean that the dog will start producing the same vowel as you do, but it will start barking on command as that is the easiest way to teach a dog to speak.

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how to teach a puppy come

How To Teach Your Puppy To Come: 5 Quick And Easy Steps

If you’ve ever trained a puppy, you know that it can be a very exciting experience! Learning about your new puppy is always fun! They are full of energy and excitement - one of the many reasons we love them so much!

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Teach Your Puppy His Name

6 Steps To Teach Your Puppy His Name

You’ve just brought your new friend home and have decided on a name. You’re excited to welcome this new puppy into your family - but how do you teach them their name? We’re going to share our best teaching tips with you. First however, we need to go over a few mistakes that dog owners commonly make.

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How To Train Your Dog To Sit

8 Easy Steps On How To Train Your Dog To Sit Using A Treat

You need to train your dog to sit by teaching him the “sit” command that is the first step in making sure that, you are on the right track. It requires hard work and commitment for the dog to learn the obedience commands, with the sit command being the first one, at times seem nearly impossible and exhausting.

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How to Teach a Dog To Lie Down

How I Teach My Dog To Lie Down And How You Can Too

Are you the proud parent of a new pet? Or maybe you’re in the process of teaching an old dog a new trick?

When I first adopted my two Beagles the first thing on my mind was the excitement of being able to teach them many different tricks! Learning how to teach a dog to lie down is the first step to building a great bond and friendship between yourself and your new family member. It’s also the perfect foundation for establishing a code of obedience between you and your pet.

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