Why My Dog Lick My Feet

What Does It Mean When A Dog Licks Your Feet

We all love it when our dogs show us affection, but sometimes the way they show us is not what we desire. Excessive licking can be a problem – especially if your dog has developed a fondness for licking your feet. It can be uncomfortable – and ticklish – but have you ever wondered why your dog is so drawn to your feet? The answer might surprise you!



Laugh When Dog Lick the Feet

Dogs are very affectionate creatures and one of the ways they like to show it is by licking the people they love! Licking you allows them to show you how much they love and appreciate you – and it also gives them some more information about where you've been (more on that below).


Dog Gain Attention

Sometimes, licking you might just be a way to get your attention or want some treats. If you're distracted by something else, your dog has to find a way to gain your full attention so they can convey their needs to you. By now they've probably discovered that whining by the door won't always do the trick – but licking does. Choosing to lick your feet is likely based on convenience – especially if you have a little dog that has trouble reaching above your knees.


In some cases, your dog might be licking you to show that they consider you to be essential to their way of life. As such, they want to take care of you just like they'd take care of any other dog in their group. Studies have hypothesized that dog's grooming behavior enhances the general fitness of the group and helps to motivate the pack to work together.

Information Gathering

Did you know that dogs have millions of scent receptor cells in their noses and mouths that allow them to detect information human beings can't process? It's true!When you sweat, your body releases information from glands that can inform dogs about your emotions, well-being, and activities for the past day. Consider it a way your dog can check in on you and see how you're doing.

Stress Relief

Dog Lick Your Feet

Even though dogs seem to live relatively carefree lives, they still endure some amounts of stress. However, it is thought that licking can help dogs relieve some of this stress. It is thought that dogs may lick both your feet and themselves because the action releases endorphins and is comforting to them.

However, you do need to pay attention to your dog's behavior if you think they might be licking you to relieve their stress. If a dog is constantly licking your feet (or other objects, like their favorite toy) you may need to take them to your vet for an evaluation. Too much licking can be a sign of excessive stress – something you need to look into right away


Last but not least, many people theorize that dogs lick their owners to show their submission to you and your role as the leader. It's their way of showing you that they accept you as their master and are grateful for your role in their life.


Yes, it can be frustrating to have your dog constantly lick your feet. It can be slimy, sticky, and uncomfortable – but at the end of the day, it's just your dog's way of showing you they care. Take some time to think about what might be motivating your dog's behavior. And as always, keep your dog's best interests in mind when responding to their display of affection. Or you can train him not to do it if you don't like this. Training him some basic command by using dog whistle is good point to start building a great bond and friendship between yourself and your puppy.

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