Why Do Wet Dogs Smell

Why Do Wet Dogs Smell – We Answer!

If you're looking to own a dog and have considered pets for sale or pets for adoption, you must also consider whether you are able to put up with the funky dog odor that comes with owning a dog. Dogs bring so much love and joy and their loyalty is priceless. But, if you're house proud and anxious about your house becoming a smelly dog mess, then you must consider whether you're ready to have a dog in your home or ​you can try to find out a dog shampoo that can remove your dog's smell

you can try to find out a dog shampoo that can remove your dog's smell.


There are many activities that dogs like to do that contribute to the funky smell they release after a day's adventure outside.

Spending the day splashing about in the water with your four-legged friend is one of the most enjoyable things to do together! The majority of dog breeds love the water and enjoy swimming and chasing sticks thrown for them. The only thing that we don't enjoy is the horrid smell that comes from your beloved friend after they've gotten wet.

So why do dogs smell so bad when they're wet?

The science part

should i bathe dog everday

Some dog breeds; more so the hound group, produce more oils in their coats than other dog breeds. This oil is called sebum. The sebum collects on their hair shaft and their follicles to help prevent the dog from dehydrating. When the dog gets wet, whether they've been to the beach, local lake, or a quick dip in a stream, the oil (sebum) and water mix together which then creates a bacteria and that produces the awful wet dog smell. To prevent this smell, the dog needs to be properly dried off after getting wet.

​Prevention of the wet dog smell

Towel drying your dog is a great way to start. A good rub down after they've come out of the water, to dry off the excess water of their coat. Once you've finished with the toweling you can then give them a gentle blow-dry to dry the root of their coat. You must remember to turn the heat on the hairdryer to a warm heat and test on your skin first. Do not place the hair dryer to close to the dog's coat. Make sure your dog is comfortable before commencing with the blow-dry.

Give them a bath

how often should i bathe the dog

It is recommended that you bathe your dog every couple of weeks. Bathing your dog too often can result in itchy, dry, flaky skin. You should invest in a high-quality dog shampoo and rinse their coat thoroughly. Any shampoo left on their skin can give them skin conditions.

Once you have washed and blow dried your furry friend, you can then spritz them a dog-friendly grooming spray, which will help keep the nasty smell at bay. Please be aware that the grooming spray will not fully eliminate the bad odor it will help with making the dog smell better.

Lastly, no matter how many times you bathe, spritz and blow-dry your dog, their smell will always remain in the dog's environment. One of the best ways to combat this is to use a natural deodorant, which is a combination of white vinegar and water. This is a powerful but friendly disinfectants, which will help, get rid of the smell on your furniture.

Baking soda is another great product to use which can help clean carpets and get rid of the nasty smells, this is also dog-friendly.

Working to keep on top of the doggy smell is a daily effort with general cleaning of your house and making sure your dog is well groomed.

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