Everything You Ever Needed to Know About Dog Bath But Were Afraid to Ask

Giving a dog bath is definitely not as easy as you might have thought, at least, not if you don’t know some of the important steps. Each dog is a little different, but knowing how to give a good bath will keep them (and you) a whole lot happier. In this section we’re going to talk all about dog baths to help your furry friend.

Why Do Wet Dogs Smell

Why Do Wet Dogs Smell – We Answer!

Once you’ve finished with the toweling you can then give them a gentle blow-dry to dry the root of their coat. You must remember to turn the heat on the hairdryer to a warm heat and test on your skin first. Do not place the hair dryer to close to the dog’s coat.

can I use human shampoo on dogs

Can I Use Human Shampoo on Dogs?

Yes, it’s true that human shampoo will technically clean your dog’s fur – and it will do so effectively. Unfortunately, the cost is just not worth the price.