Poodle: What You Need to Know Before You Bring One Home

Poodles can come in several different types and that applies to a number of different features about these beautiful dogs. In this section we’ll talk more about Poodles and what you need to know to take care of yours right. Not to mention we’ll talk about just why you might want to bring one home.

Bath Your Poodle

poodle bathing

What You Need to More Regarding Poodle Bathing

Since bathing your poodle washes off some of the essential oils from the skin and coat, it, therefore, means you should wash her after a specific time interval. Washing her more than necessary might cause serious dermatological alterations such as dry skin.

Poodle Brush

how to brush a poodle

Who Else Want to Know How to Brush a Poodle?

Brushing her coat has benefits healthwise as well as in terms of aesthetical beauty as we have already seen. Besides keeping mats and tangles at a minimum, brushing also stimulates secretion and distribution of the natural skin oils for healthy skin and coat appearance.

Poodle Ear Hair

veterinarian pluck poodle ear hair

Poodle Ear Hair: Here is What You Need to Know

An awesome alternative to ear plucking should be having your groomer do the trimming down carefully, especially in the ear flap of the dog so as to trim the hair in the ear canal. When it is kept short, this will prevent hair from blocking the good flow of air or getting tangles in any ear wax.

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